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Donations are voluntary and cover the following:
- Dedicated and backup servers;
- Staff, service expenses and security expenses;
- Development and maintenance of website and realm infrastructure.

Cash can take up to 30 minutes to receive.
Gifts for donation
10 dollars - Super Skill Pill
25 dollars - Platinum Blessed Iris, Survival Box
50 dollars - Platinum Super Skill Pill (2 pcs.), Skill Point Booster (70 pcs.)
100 dollars - Cash Ticket (500), Resurrection Scroll (5 pcs.)
200 dollars - Cash Ticket (1000), Premium Character Package, Item Drop Booster (250 pcs.)
250 dollars - Chest of Enchanted Masks, Premium Character Package, Cash Ticket (1000) (3 pcs.)
350 dollars - Mysterious Mask Bike, Cash Ticket (1000) (5 pcs.), Premium Character Package, Experience Booster (500 pcs.)
500 dollars - The mysterious mask of the Night Lion, Cash Ticket (1000) (10 pcs.), Premium Character Package

* You can pick up gifts from NPC Postman Note.